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Paintings have a high symbolic significance. Each work of art is a testimony to its era, inextricably connected to a point in history that is brought forward by its authenticity into the present. Obviously, you would have been holding an antique painting at your house if you had come across this site. Therefore, you would be curious to know the worth of the precious piece of art you possess. Numerous ancient paintings and prints have been sold out at a lower price than their actual worth due to inaccurate valuation. But you don't have to worry when you have an expert team of Apprais-All® to assist you. We have a crew of painting experts who hold specialization and experience in evaluating antique pieces of art. Within no time, we will assess your antique painting and evaluate it.


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Antiques Are Always In Season!

Antique paintings are usually determined as aesthetic masterpieces because the charm of those beautifully portrayed paintings reflect their incredible value. If you possess a rare artwork, it is very important to obtain its professional valuation to get the best of the market price when you sell it. Whether you own an ancient or modern painting, our antique art specialists are very well aware of the origin, history and genuineness of each piece of art. With a simple process, you just have to get in touch with us by sending the photograph of your vintage painting, and our experts will assess it and get back to you within two days with the correct price.

Why Request An Antique Painting Appraisal With Apprais-All®?

There are various appraisers in the market, but not all of them hold the correct certifications and experience to appraise your classic painting and provide its exact value. Here are a few features which make Apprais-All® unique from others making the best network to sell your artwork.
  • Appraise-All® professional team will assist you throughout the entire procedure of appraising, informing you about each step.
  • We assure you of reliable, secure and trustworthy appraisal expertise for your antique piece of painting.
  • Being in the industry for years, our expert team will provide you with an accurate estimate within just 24-48 hours of your application.
  • Our appraising services are offered at budget-friendly prices, starting at just $30.
  • We are verified members of The Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group.
Antique Painting Appraisal

How Would We Value Your Classic Paintings?

The acquisition of fine art has lately created a surge, with optimistic collectors and purchasers offering big bucks for fresh works to the market. The quality, artist, and dimension of a painting will all influence an art appraisal and, as a result, the item's appraised value. The theme's pertinence of classic painting is equally vital in its appraisal, and the worth of a painting might fluctuate depending on the trend. When considering whether to sell or buy a painting, this is a significant consideration. The state of the work, the origin of the item, and the quality of the artistry are all elements that influence a painting's value. Simply submit a picture of the vintage painting and provide us with any other information about it if you want your antique painting appraisal from Apprais-All® online experts.