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Are you looking for someone to evaluate the best value for your antique furniture? Apprais-All® will help you to get the right value. Our experts analyze the age of furniture, design, size, and origin when determining its value. It is also important to consider the state of the items. Furniture in good condition will probably be more valuable than one that has gotten a little damaged. Our antique furniture experts will be able to provide you with a valuation considering condition, age, and kind of furniture. You can simply upload a photo of the item and describe its details. Our professionals will deliver you the accurate value of your antique furniture.


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Antique furniture is something that almost everyone owns, and estimating its right value is quite difficult. A list of antique furniture includes objects such as your grandmother’s mahogany dining table, childhood chest of drawers, bureau plat, and others. Antique furniture is defined as any piece of furniture that is more than 100 years old. Our professionals are the best decorative arts appraisers and cataloguers. As a result, you will receive fair value for your antique furniture. It’s easy to get an online appraisal of your antique furniture with Apprais-All®. All you have to do is fill out our appraisal form with a brief description and images. Rest our furniture evaluator will give you a price range and other desired information. Know your worth with us !!!

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What Criteria Determine The Value Of Antique Furniture?

Antique furniture significantly raises the value of your property; thus, knowing how much they're worth is very useful. For example, there is one client who mistakenly believed she had $15,000 antique furniture, whereas its actual value is $20,000. For determining the value of your antique items, our experts determine several factors. Construction, material, age of the product, rarity, uniqueness, and most importantly, its condition. The skills and craftsmanship of that particular furniture are reviewed to present the best value. Does it have experienced any damage by water or worm, if it is refinished, all are checked to ensure the right price of your antique chair and table. After our evaluation, you will be able to sell your item with confidence. Apprais-All® evaluation report lists the value of your asset by noting all modifications, restorations, and nuances. Our evaluators can report accurate values of any antique chair, table, or furniture for any valuation purpose you may require anytime.