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You may be longing to know the value of a precious antique piece of clock you possess. Along with selling your prized possession, you also need to know its exact price as a piece of evidence to the insurance company for safeguarding your classic clock. A written and accurate appraisal of an antique object is essential for numerous reasons. Only an experienced, knowledgeable, and professional appraiser could provide you with a correct and unbiased estimate of your clock. Apprais-All® expert team of appraisers will cross-check all the elements to determine the authenticity of your antique clock. You just have to contact us by sending the photograph of your vintage clock, and our appraisers will check it out and send you the written estimate in a short span of time.


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Keeping in mind the origin of the antique clock and how old it is, our expert appraisers will provide you with a complete description of your possession along with its valuation. There are different types of antique clocks. Our appraisers know about all of them, whether it’s a cuckoo, carriage, longcase, bracket, mantel, or antique lantern clock. We will assess the working condition of your vintage clock first and look for its originality. The market always holds a higher value for unaltered and authentic vintage possessions. After this, Apprais-All® professionals check the style and age of the clock. Then, with experience and expertise, our appraisers will provide you with the accurate value of your classic clock.

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Apprais-All® is an antique and vintage company like no other. We have a team of trusted and reliable appraisers who will stay connected with you at every step of appraising your vintage clock to maintain absolute transparency. We are certified representatives of The Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group. With decades of experience and information about vintage possessions, we will appraise your classic clock within just 1-2 days, be it of any type. Our appraising services just get started at $30, and our unique appraising crew will evaluate your antique clock with trust and reliability.
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What Do We Consider To Evaluate Your Vintage Clocks?

Different factors need to be kept in mind while evaluating antique collectibles. However, with years of proficiency and knowledge, Apprais-All® is aware of all those factors and therefore checks out all of them to determine the exact worth of your classic clock. Firstly our expert team determines the type of clock and its historical significance. After that authenticity and rarity of the clock are checked as it is the main factor to evaluate the accurate price of the clock. Once all this is ascertained, then we examine the type of mechanism and condition of your vintage clock. Breaks, fractures, splits, dings, or gouges; discoloration; broken miniatures on cuckoo clocks; missing components; and traces of restoration are all common faults that affect the quality and the worth of vintage possessions. Finally, after all these factors are gone through, our professional will give you a written and precise estimate of your classic clock.