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Get a valuation of your prized possessions by our expert appraisers. All our experts are certified appraisers of the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group. They can apprais-all® your art, antiques, collectibles, and more. Apprais-All® Valuation Services is a service offered by DB Appraisals Ltd

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Providing Best Online Appraisal Services of 2022 in many different categories.

We value items which we have divided into many different categories, allowing your items to be appraised separately by a dedicated expert Certified Appraisers for that category. Choose from categories like Antiques, Collectibles, Artwork and more. We have appraisers with different expertise in many different categories Antique Bible, Vintage Car, Clock, Mirror and many more.

Certified Appraisers

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Certified Appraisers


Certificate from us

You will receive a PDF report of your valuation from our Certified Appraisers which will include a brief description of the item and the appraised value. This is not a Legal Appraisal Report. Many times, after receiving the valuation, customers decide they need something more for insurance coverage. If you decide that is what you require, we will give you credit towards this Legal Appraisal Report.



For as little as $30, our valuations are very affordable and are obtained by Certified Appraisers of the CPPAG, Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group.

Certified Appraisers
Certified Appraisers

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